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Sydney Royal Easter Show 2011 Winners

I wish to congratulate all the winners of this years RAS Show and in particular Judith Madden who won the "Frances Binnie Award", these are "The Memorial Perpetual Trophy", "The Special Award" and the "Frances Binnie Special Award. Penny Lucie-Smith has to be congratulated  for her Ostrich Egg decorated in the theme of a fish bowl, which was included in the Cabinet of Excellence.

We had twelve Guild ribbon winners in total and all the members who entered are to be congratulated. We had many more exhibits this year and have achieved  a great outcome, this should encourage more members to enter next year.

Pat Penfold



Guild Members RAS Ribbon Winners


1st    Marlies Benjamin-Lampe

Highly Commended - Robert Sproule

Highly Commended - Diane Wooster


2nd    Penny Lucie-Smith

Highly Commended - Kaye Whowell


1st    Penny Lucie-Smith

2nd   Judith Jones

Highly Commended - Marlies Benjamin- Lampe

Highly Commended - Sandra Moule

Under Glass

1st    Judith Madden

3rd    Sandra Moule

Highly Commended - Pat Penfold


PRESS - Mosman Daily Newspaper - Judith Madden





Journey of our Faux Quilt

The concept of a faux quilt arose from our need to provide a display for the 2012 Craft and Quilt Fair. Mary Waks planted the seed of the idea, Judith Madden envisaged the design with papers she had kept for a special project and then, with help from Marlies Benjamin Lamp and Penny Lucie-Smith, the planning began. 

Our stalwart artists spent many hours dissecting the now copied (in black and white) papers and forming the plan which would eventually bring to life the 24 “patches”.    Once the pattern had been arranged, MDF board was precisely cut to size through the kind efforts of Judy Jones’ son-in-law, (thank you Judy), then sanded and gessoed.

The papers were photocopied and combined with the four original Japanese papers then cut to fit each numbered board, then assembled into packs for distribution to those Members available to create a finished “patch”. Each pack also contained a photograph to show how the finished “patch” should look.

Execution of the work required several workshops during which boards were painted and images attached before Members took their pieces to work on at home, bringing them to our Meetings so that problems could be ironed out and the overall “quilt” laid out so we could all see how our project would look. At the final workshop, it was a delight to see just what a fabulous project had been created.

To attach the “quilt” at the Craft and Quilt Show, Velcro was attached to the back of each piece and it was with a huge sigh of relief that we discovered the weight of the boards was easily supported  on the vertical surface.

From concept to finish, our Faux Quilt absorbed much time, frustration, patience and labour over two years but the finished result was fantastic.

A huge pat on the back to everyone involved in its creation.