Limit 1 coupon per purchase meaning

Limit 1 coupon per purchase meaning

Questions about how many coupons you can use are some of the most frequently asked questions here on Couponing , so I decided it was time to address the topic! You can only use ONE manufacturer coupon per item. A store coupon is different and I will talk more about that type of coupon below. Even though the values of the coupons are different, you would still be using two coupons on one item, which is not allowed. Even if the coupons come from different sources, you cannot use two coupons on the same item. You can read more about this coupon stacking debate here.

Couponing Limit ONE Coupon Per Item!

First I want to thank you for your thriftymom website. I learn something new everyday about coupons…. So does this depend on the store and cashier to take these multiple coupons? I hope you can explain this to me. This is a great question and asked at every coupon class I teach, so I thought it would be a good topic to cover. That being said this is what the fine print means….

That means you are only able to use one coupon per item purchased. NOT buy 5 items and scan the same coupon 5 times. If you are buying or purchasing 5 items you can then use 5 coupons. Ask yourself or the cashier how many items did I purchase…. Only 4 like items in the same shopping trip. So 4 toothpaste, 4 shampoo, 4 bodywash…you get the idea.

A transaction is the sum of all the items or all the purchases you made. Make sure you check out so other post related to how to coupon. Also can I use 4 coupons for 4 of those cans? You were correct in trying to use them. I am also new to this couponing kick and wanted to know does the digital coupons take automatically for several like items or just on the first item?

There is product code and coupon code.. With an AB switch from computers to printer, you can print from each computer. I have three computers. So I have a question about couponing. And they told me I use 4 like coupons on the same item. Please help. Walmart just refused two coupons which were for from coupons. I ended up with a lot of Hefty storage bags, which I use to freeze vegetable and fruit I get at the Mobile Food Banks. I needed to economize and use other sources.

I look at my Sunday paper I get delivered and decide if I need extra Sunday Newspapers dependent coupons in the paper. I get my Sunday extra newspapers at 99 cent store and or Green-tree for 99 cents. I need several coupons in the Sunday paper to justify paying 99 cents additional for each paper. I use a photo album that I got from Goodwill for coupons as it has bigger slots for coupons and you can have coupons on the back of page. Coupons at a glance. Can I scan 10 coupons for one item.

That also confused me. Ive just barely started doing this. I had the same question as the one asked above but I am still a little confused. I got the part where I can use 2 coupons per item. Please help:. You could always come back with another coupon for a separate transaction. You cannot use 2 manufacturer coupons on one product. Most stores will double coupons up to a dollar. For example, if you have a.

You can only use ONE coupon per purchase. You can stack a store coupon and a manufactureer coupon. For example… You have a 1. This is the ONLY instance where you could use more than one coupon for 1 product. The person who answered the OP is actually correct. I have a coupon that says save 75 cents on ant 2 dole jarred fruit. Does it mean 75 cents will be taken off of the regular price for 2 or 75 cents on each jarred fruit??

Again, this varies according to store policy, but for instance, say you wish to buy a single tube of toothpaste. You have 2 coupons that state manufacturer, and you have an eCoupon loaded onto a loyalty card Acme, Wegmans, Stop and Shop what have you. You can combine ONE of the manufacturer coupons and the eCoupon on the same item. You cannot use both manufacturer coupons on one item, regardless of face value.

Another limitation is imposed by both stores and manufacturers. They typically limit coupon redemptions to 4 like coupons a transaction or per DAY. My local Acme will fully double coupons up to 99 cents face value, but will only accept 4 like coupons per day. Many Proctor and Gamble coupons DO have that limitation right on the coupon, and the scan systems will know what coupon limitations there are.

Stay calm. If they refuse to honor the coupon after calling their attention to the specific wording Any size, Any flavor, or 11 Oz or larger and you have proven the product to be faithful to the coupon, do not get upset or angry. They as retailers DO have the right to refuse a coupon for any reason. By staying calm and working with the cashier to come to a resolution you will have much greater success.

To use all 3 coupons, Stephmarie88, you would need to purchase 3 products. Get more coupon codes, deals, free shipping at http: This should help some that are still confused: I have a question. If I buy the 4-pack, can I use two of these coupons? The coupon does not specify. Please do not listen to this person. The facts she is giving you are wrong.

The limit 4 per shopping trip, for example, does not mean you can only purchase 4 of that item that shopping trip. It means you can only use up to 4 of the same coupon during that trip. So if you wanted to buy 6 things of toothpaste, you could only use up to 4 of the same coupon, meaning only 4 things of toothpaste would be discounted by coupons.

The last 2 things of toothpaste would have to be paid in full or you would have to use a different toothpaste coupon than what you have already used. Another wrong fact is the limit one coupon per purchase. This does not mean only one coupon can be applied to that item. It means only one of the same coupon can be applied to that item. They can only dictate what you do with other coupons that are the same coupon. It seems to me that whenever I try to use a coupon, they will only let me put one coupon toward each item?

If i have 3 manufacturers coupons with different bar codes and expire dates for same product can i use them all on the same item? Does that mean If I buy one item can I use up to 4 of the same coupons for the purchase? It does not have ANY limits on it except for certain brands. Does this mean I can buy the whole store if I have enough coupons? Can I buy the box of Little Mover and use the coupon or does it has to be the small package? Hi, I am new to this couponing business.

So I have this coupon for cake mix. Does this mean that I can buy 4 cake mixes, each at the price this coupon lists and just use the one coupon? Hello, I am totally new to the whole extreme couponing experience. I basically get some of it, except no one has answered my question…HOW do I use more than one coupon on the same item. I am not seeing any in-store coupons, no catalinas in my area, etc.

Can I use a printable coupon and a manufacturer coupon on the same item??? If not, then how do people save so much? Or one of them and come to the dreadful decision of one or the other? Can I use all 3 coupons at the same time on the 3 items?? They need to be trained on coupon verbiage. They wanted me to ring them seperately. I just walked out. I will only go there if my coupon gives me overage.

I am done with them. About 2 weeks ago I was at Target and the cashier AND her manager refused to listen to me when I told her exactly what you said above. I read the fine print from the coupon and the store policy going in to shop and I knew that I was right but both her and her manager forced me to make separate transactions which ruined my savings.

Reader Question: What does ‘one coupon per purchase’ mean?

This post may contain affiliate links - it s how we keep the lights on around here. Here s our policy. Ever wonder what it all means, and how you can use them to maximize your savings? Since I m super into coupons and a money geek , I decided it was time to talk about what all that coupon fine print means.

First things first.

Couponing as a newbie can be overwhelming, confusing and time consuming. Is it worth it, absolutely! There is also all that dreaded fine print on the bottom of the coupon that leaves you scratching your head. Today I am going to explain to you something that a majority of cashiers have a hard time understanding, what is the difference between the following words on a coupon;. Per Transaction means that you are only allowed to use one coupon per order.

Extreme Couponing – ONE COUPON PER PURCHASE?

Using coupons in the store can be hit or miss depending on which cashier checks you out. And, yes there is a difference. A big one! So what is the difference? If you want to use a coupon on 4 items, you will need 4 separate coupons. It breaks down very easily like this: If you want to use two?

10 Things You Should Know About Coupon Fine Print

Coupons are a simple way to save money on the items you need. But, there is more to it than just printing or clipping the coupon and taking it with you to the store. You need to understand how to read your coupons, so you use it in the right way. Each coupon is clear about the number of items you must to redeem it. There are different ways they do this. These examples will help explain it. The coupon will deduct once for each barcode scanned, so you can use one coupon per product. Therefore, when you purchase 2 items, use 2 coupons — one on each product. This means you will need to buy two items in order to use the coupon. If you want to use two coupons, you need to purchase 4 items.

Coupon Purchase vs. Transaction

First I want to thank you for your thriftymom website. I learn something new everyday about coupons…. So does this depend on the store and cashier to take these multiple coupons? I hope you can explain this to me. This is a great question and asked at every coupon class I teach, so I thought it would be a good topic to cover. That being said this is what the fine print means…. That means you are only able to use one coupon per item purchased.

Understanding the “per” Difference on a Coupon

I get this question a lot, so I figured it was due time that I write a post about coupon wording. Limit One Coupon Per Transaction: This means that you can only use one of that particular coupon in one transaction. If you want to use more than one coupon, you will have to do multiple transactions. This means that you can only use one coupon per customer or family. If you want to use more than one coupon, you can only use one per store visit. Just like above, this means that you can only use one coupon per customer. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers: This line means that you cannot use more than one coupon on one item.

The Difference Between “Per Purchase” and “Per Transaction”

Am I using it right? What if the cashier rejects it? One of the best ways to defend against this uncertainty is knowing how to read your coupons. Understanding how your coupons work will empower you with knowledge and confidence so that you can be a better couponer! Where is it? All coupons have an expiration date located somewhere in the fine print, which is usually printed along the bottom or on the back of the coupon. What time is it good til? What if the coupon is expired? While most stores will refuse an expired coupon, it never hurts to ask at checkout if they can honor it.


Anatomy of a Coupon: How to Read Coupons


Understanding the “per” Difference on a Coupon



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